X-861 3D Wheel Aligner

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It can measure various angles of automobile tires, including front and rear wheel toe-in, front and rear wheel camber, kingpin caster, kingpin inclination, thrust angle, etc. With high accuracy, X-861 is easy to start wheel alignment measurement by concise operation instruction.



1. Special camera system

2. Targets without electronic elements and battery to save maintenance cost

3. No need calibrate onsite as it has been calibrated in factory

4. User-friend software interface

5. Accurate and stable with 30 measurement technology

6. Smart measurement with fully automatic tracking and moving function according to height of the lift

7. Scan QR code and get access to LAUNCH platform, check equipment information and send product feedback


X-861 3D Wheel Aligner Components


1Lateral beam assembly1Set
2Post assembly1Set
3Cabinet assembly1Set
4Clamp & Target  assembly1Set
5Computer (Optional)1Set
6Printer (Optional)1Set
7Turn tables2Set
8Steering wheel holder1Set
9Brake pedal depressor1Set

X-861 3D Wheel Aligner Measurement Parameters   

Alignment ParametersMeasurement RangeMeasurement Accuracy
Total Toe-in±20︒±0.02︒
Individual  Toe-in±20︒±0.02︒
Kingpin inclination±25︒±0.05︒
Flinch Angle±10︒±0.01︒
Thrust Angle±10︒±0.01︒

Equipment Parameters

Technical IndexDescription
Input Voltage220V AC (10A)
Input Frequency50~60Hz
OthersComputer (including host, LCD display, keyboard & mouse)(Optional);

Measurement software;

Printer (Optional), etc.


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