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LAUNCH Ultra-thin big scissor lift TLT840WAF is ideal for repair shops that are limited in space but have a huge demand for performance. It offers up to 4000kg of vertical lifting power with four cylinders drive and hydraulic interlock system. It features with mechanical safety lock and hydraulic lock for the safety of vehicles and operators and also can be compatible with LAUNCH X-931 contactless wheel alignment.




1. Ultra-thin big scissor lift up to 4000kg load

2. The initial height is low and can be installed directly on the ground without additional foundation

3. Four cylinders drive and hydraulic interlock system ensure that the left and right platforms are always in a horizontal position

4. Mechanical safety lock and hydraulic lock ensure safer operations

5. All moving points adopt self-lubricating oil-free bearings to ensure long life

6. Imported core hydraulic components

7. Compatible with LAUNCH X-931 contactless wheel alignment


Technical Specifications:


Input Voltage 110V/200V 60Hz or 220V/380V 50Hz
Rated Load 4000kg
Lifting Height 1900mm
Lifting Time ≤70s
Lowering Time ≥20s
Dimension 4500*2000*520mm
Power 2.2kw
Weight 1800kg
Working Noise ≤75dB
Max. Hydraulic Pressure 25MPa
Hydraulic Oil Type #32 in winter, #46 in summer

Environmental Requirement


Working Temperature 0°C~40°C
Transport/Storage Temperature -25°C ~55°C
Relative Humidity <80%

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