Launch X-431 CNC 605A

CNC-605A is an injector cleaner & tester suitable for GDI, EFI, SFI and other injectors. The injector can be cleaned and tested by simulating the engine condition. It can also be used to clean the fuel injector and fuel supply system on the vehicle without disassembly.



1. Supports cleaning and testing of GDI, EFI, and SFI fuel injectors

2. Powerful ultrasonic cleaning to completely remove the carbon deposit on the fuel injection nozzle.

3. Uniformity and spray ability test.

4. Utilizes microcomputer automatic control technology for automatic control of the cleaning and testing process, and real-time monitoring of the key performance of the fuel injectors

5. Injection volume test ensures the nozzle continually spray for a certain time and test the injection volume of the nozzle.

6. Realize EFI & SFI cleaning without disassembling the nozzle.

7. Automatic mode can automatically test the fuel injection nozzle through the preset program.

8. Sealing test has tested the sealing and leakage of the fuel injection nozzle under a certain pressure.


Functions Description
Working Mode Selection
Can select GDI or EFI working mode based on the injector type
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Capable of simultaneously ultrasonic cleaning multiple injectors, effectively removing carbon buildup
Uniformity/Spray Testing
Detects the uniformity of fuel injection quantity for each injector and allows comprehensive
observation of the injector spray pattern using background lighting
Sealing Test
Tests the sealing and leakage of injectors under system pressure
Fuel Injection Quantity Detection
Measures the fuel injection quantity of injectors under a constant 15-second injection condition
Automatic Cleaning and Testing
Under specific working parameters, realistically simulates injector testing under various conditions
Reverse Flush
For the uniformity/spray testing item, performs a reverse flush using a reverse flush adapter to remove
internal injector contaminants and residues attached to the filter screen
Non-Dismantle Cleaning
Equipped with various non-dismantle cleaning adapters, allowing non-dismantle cleaning
and maintenance for multiple vehicle models


Power Supply AC110V-127V, 50Hz/60Hz, 3Amax; AC220V-230V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1.5Amax
Input Power 300W
Cleaning Power 100W
Range of Rotation 10~9990rpm (step length: 10rpm)
Time limit 1~9999s
Pulse Width Range 0.5~25ms (step length: 0.1ms)
Environment Temperature 0℃~45℃
Relative Humidity 85%
Strength of External Magnetic Field 400A/m
Operating Volume 3000ml
Main Unit Dimensions 396*380*446mm
Packing Dimensions 458*433*537mm
Net Weight 16.5kg


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