Launch X431 Pakistan
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X-431 PRO V4.0 is a medium and high-end product independently developed by Launch. It inherits many advantages of X-431 PRO series, such as wide vehicle coverage, strong diagnostic functions and accurate test data. In addition, it supports extension module: endoscope and anti-theft key matching. Intelligent diagnosis technology, which integrates the application advantages of mobile Internet, is the first in the industry. It can automatically identify vehicle information and complete rapid diagnosis. Users can also check online vehicle maintenance records. Now the equipment comes with a new upgraded wireless diagnostic adapter DBSCAR IV. As tradition, it conserving all functions and advantages of all previous X-431 scanner generations, including the reading and deleting of error codes (DTC), allows view the current sensor data, carry out the component testing and many other special features, such as coding, adaptation, etc. X-431 PRO V4 provides full access to functions for wide range of American, Asian and European brands, combined with a superior quality and design.

 Full vehicle system coverage for over 110 brands in the world, which is continually updated

 Automatically identify VIN upon connection to the vehicle for intelligent diagnosis

Remote diagnosis allowing you to work on a vehicle from your tool without being on-site

 Read all DTC types for full system, view, graph and record data PIDs, support bi-directional controls, actuation test and all other diagnostic functions

 11 special functions for the main brands

 Compatible with immobilizer and Wi-Fi printer module

 Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information

 Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing

 One-Click Upgrade and silent install for software

 PUSH PUSH Connector with practical design for easy storage

 DBSCar IV VCI with stable Bluetooth connectivity
TYPE C interface.

Model Name/NumberX-431pro v4.0
ColorRed and Black
Battery LifeRechargeable
FeatureIt can diagnose all 12v passenger vehicles
Operating SystemAndroid
Packaging Typepacked by company
Part NameLaunch scanner
Usage/ApplicationFor vehicle diagnose
Communicationvia CAN Protocol
Display8 inch
Power Sourcefrom battery